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The easy-to-use, FDA-approved WatchPAT can give a full picture of your sleep health in one night.

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Sleep Apnea Test

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Accurately measures for sleep apnea based on up to 7 different factors: PAT signal (peripheral arterial tone), heart rate, oximetry (blood oxygen level), actigraphy (gross motor activity), body
position, snoring, and chest motion.

WatchPAT is an FDA and DOT-approved portable sleep apnea diagnostic device. Its innovative technology ensures the accurate screening, detection, and follow-up treatment of sleep apnea.

Measures true sleep time, sleep architecture, and central sleep apnea

Ships within 2-3 business days after virtual consultation


272 reviews

Allison B. Ross

Purchased 6/22/2022

Impressed with amount of information provided

"The product came with ample instructions. Bypassed needing a script in the setup. Finger probe

Jo Rivera

Purchased 9/3/2021

Excellent device and outstanding customer service!

I was having sleeping problems and needed a test to pinpoint the issue but was

Siaosi H Mapa

Purchased 6/19/2022


Very simple to use and the seller was very helpful in getting me my test

Amazon Customer

Purchased 9/24/2021

Easy and Accurate

This device is easy to use and very accurate. Clear instructions and very friendly customer

Phu Tran

Purchased 11/28/2021

The best

Easy to use


Purchased 8/22/2022

Great Device, Amazing service.

This product gave us everything we needed to rule out sleep apnea. Very easy to

Angela 777

Purchased 8/4/2022

Excellent service & Device

Easy to use , great customer service worthy of recommendation

Amazon Customer

Purchased 10/28/2021

Read pamphlets and watch instructional videos minimum of two times.

I'm my 50's, stopped smoking 5 years ago, started bad eating habits, combination add weight

Cathy H

Purchased 11/1/2021

Easy way to get tested for sleep apnea. Great support staff

Highly recommend this product. Great support staff (Manny) was very informative.


Purchased 12/24/2021

Great alternative to cumbersome sleep studies


Cristina Maas

Purchased 10/21/2021

Gets the job done

Really easy to use and I called the office and the staff was helpful and

Michael R O'Toole

Purchased 9/1/2021

Same day results. Easy to use. Cheap. Accurate.

Company called me because I put in the wrong age on the form. They called

Amazon Customer

Purchased 9/22/2021

easy home sleep study

SO much easier than getting a kit from an MD office, and you get the

beth c

Purchased 10/14/2021


"Luckily, mine came from my MD, and I did not pay out of pocket! It

Jacy Sue

Purchased 1/29/2022

Waste of money

"After waiting months for my sleep study appt and insurance approval, I was given what

  • 1

    Video Chat with a doctor

    We schedule an online consultation with an independent, board-certified physician to evaluate your sleep health.

  • 2

    Take the test at home

    In just one night of sleep, an easy-to-use device records your at-sleep breathing patterns and automatically shares results with the doctor.

  • 3

    Receive your results

    After the doctor reviews your sleep test data, you receive a personalized Sleep Report, with prescription and therapy recommendation if diagnosed.

  • The Right Here, Right Now Rx.

    If you receive a sleep apnea diagnosis, you’ll have the doctor’s cpap prescription instantly. Starting treatment is just a few clicks away.

  • A Comprehensive Sleep Report, Personalized For You

    The details of your home sleep test explained in an easy-to-follow format.
    See how you slept, and what the doctor recommends.

    True Sleep Time

    Respiratory Disturbance Index

    Apnea-Hypopnea Index

    Oxygen Desaturation Index

    Sleep Pulse Statistics

    Snoring Statistics

    Body Position Statistics

    Sleep Stage Statistics

  • In-Lab

    Expensive. Intrusive. Multiple visits. Most of all, so uncomfortable you may not sleep well.

  • VS

  • At-Home

    One night’s rest in your own bed tells your doctor everything they need to know about your regular sleep patterns.


Understanding Our At-Home Sleep Test

Will the sleep test cause sleep problems?

Some people who take our at-home sleep test experience anxiety during the night, which can make it hard to fall asleep and lead to inaccurate results. However, we're confident you'll be more comfortable and relaxed in your own bed than if you participated in an overnight sleep study at a sleep center. 

For most people, the test can gather enough information after one night – even if you are nervous and experience sleep disruptions. If you sleep 2.5 hours or less, you should consider retaking the sleep test.

How does the at-home sleep study work?

The WatchPAT features a wrist sensor, pulse oximeter, and chest sensor. The device uses three points of contact – the wrist, finger, and neck – to collect data for seven key sleep apnea metrics. 

The device measures central and obstructive sleep apnea events, true sleep time, snoring, breathing rates, oxygen saturation levels, heart rate, your body's position, and how much time you spend in each sleep stage. 

Designed for comprehensive results, our sleep test helps your doctor make an informed diagnosis and therapy recommendations. The WatchPAT's sensors send data directly to a doctor via your cell phone's Bluetooth. 

How much does a sleep study cost?

If you opt for an overnight study at a sleep center, expect to pay anywhere from $500 to $3,000 for your stay. 

At-home sleep tests are much more affordable by comparison. These tests typically cost $170 to $400. The total amount you'll pay depends on your insurance provider, so be sure to check whether the test is covered under your current plan.

How are people tested for sleep apnea?

Anyone seeking a sleep apnea diagnosis has two options: an overnight sleep study at a sleep lab, or at-home test. 

Most center-based sleep studies are conducted over the course of one to two nights. At-home tests are faster and more convenient. Keep in mind that both types of tests require a doctor's prescription.

Can you take a sleep test at home?

Yes, you can complete a sleep test without setting foot outside your home. The WatchPAT records data and transmits it to your doctor through your phone's Bluetooth signal. If completed properly, at-home tests can provide enough data for your doctor to provide an accurate sleep apnea diagnosis. 

While our test typically records enough data for diagnosing sleep apnea, the results may not be sufficient for diagnosing other disorders such as narcolepsy or restless leg syndrome.

What is the purpose of a sleep study?

Sleep studies are used to monitor your sleep patterns. Doctors use the study's results to diagnose insomnia, sleep apnea, and other sleep disorders.

Do you need a prescription for sleep apnea therapy?

CPAP machines and face masks are federally regulated medical devices in the United States, so you'll need a prescription for these components – both of which are essential for CPAP therapy. You can obtain a prescription by completing a sleep study or test, then receiving a sleep apnea diagnosis from a board-certified physician. 

Are at-home sleep tests accurate?

Most at-home sleep tests sold today have an accuracy rate of 68% to 91%. Accuracy depends on whether you are high or low risk for sleep apnea, as high-risk sleepers tend to get more accurate results. Other factors include the type of device you choose for your at-home test, the quality of your sleep on the night of the test, and proper use.

How many times do I need to take an at-home sleep test?

Most sleep experts recommend taking an at-home test one time, though your doctor may suggest taking the test a second time if you experience excessive sleep deprivation during the first attempt. If the results of your at-home test are inconclusive, your doctor may recommend an overnight polysomnography study at a sleep center.

Which disorders does the at-home test detect?

Our at-home test is exclusively designed to test for obstructive and central sleep apnea. As a result, we only recommend the test for people with moderate to severe symptoms of these disorders. If you have a history of cardiorespiratory disease, stroke, insomnia, or hypoventilation should arrange for an overnight sleep study in a lab, rather than take the at-home test. 

Is the at-home sleep test covered under insurance?

The amount you pay for your test depends on your current insurance plan, but most providers cover at least some of the cost. Medicare recipients who have met their part B deductible pay 20% of the cost for at-home sleep tests. If your doctor recommends or refers you for a sleep study, contact your insurance provider to learn more about how much of the cost is covered.

What does an at-home sleep test measure?

The test measures different metrics related to sleep patterns used to diagnose sleep apnea. These metrics include your breathing rate, heart rate, sleep position, how often you snore, and how much time you spend in different sleep stages. Your doctor uses this data to evaluate you for obstructive and central sleep apnea.

Who should take an at-home sleep test?

We recommend at-home sleep tests for:

• People who exhibit symptoms of moderate to severe OSA or CSA

• Those who are at high risk for sleep apnea due to their weight, daily habits, and medical history

• Anyone who wants to take part in a sleep study but wants a more affordable option than spending the night in a sleep center

People who suspect they have at least one other sleep disorder in addition to sleep apnea, or possibly a different sleep disorder altogether, should consider an overnight sleep study in a sleep center instead of an at-home test. The same is true for people with a history of cardiorespiratory disease, stroke, insomnia, hypoventilation, and other medical conditions that warrant observation during the sleep test.

Does the at-home test diagnose sleep apnea?

The at-home test monitors sleep patterns and records metrics related to sleep apnea symptoms. Our device does not diagnose you – only a board-certified physician can provide a diagnosis. The device sends data directly to your doctor using your phone's Bluetooth. Your doctor can review the results of your at-home test to determine if a sleep apnea diagnosis is necessary, and which type of treatment is needed.